Princess & Baby Cuddly Stuffed Camels

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Named after Rough Point’s resident camels Princess and Baby, this plush camel is huggable, hand-washable, soft, shed-free and made from high quality acrylic, polyester and stitching to ensure added safety. She also wears a hibiscus flower—just as the real Princess and Baby wore at their debut party in 1988.


Why we ❤ camels:

Two of Doris Duke’s more unusual pets were her Bactrian camels named Princess and Baby, who first came to Rough Point in 1988.  They enjoyed the summer months on the back lawn of Rough Point. Although the breeze from the ocean is cool, they stayed under the shade of a tent on the terrace outside the solarium when it was especially sunny. Rumor has it that they also enjoyed eating graham crackers! 


Measures 11 inches,

Made in Indonesia.


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