Plant Name Badges for Houseplants (Set of 12)

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For all planty-parents (we know you’ve named your plant babies!) These plant name badges also make great gifts. These reusable name cards are blank for you to write on (including space for plant care instructions)—and we have some plant-tastic suggestions for names below.

  • Made from recycled materials (plastic tags, paper packaging)
  • Each pack has 12 Plant Name Badges (3 x Green, 3 x Blue, 3 x Yellow, 3 x Red
  • Includes a *free* dry-erase pen

What's in a name?

🪴The Duke or Duchess of Plant 🪴Bud 🪴Keanu Leaves 🪴Diana Moss & the Supremes            🪴Taylor Swift (dracaena trifasciata) 🪴Flaura Croft 🪴Megan Thee Plant 🪴Burnie Sanders (aloe plant) 🪴The Spice Girls (for herbs)

Made in China.

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