Monster Away Spray

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*Magical* room and linen spray.

Banish spooks, monsters, and scary vibes with this calming and refreshing spray.

Designed with kids of-all-ages in mind, Monster Away Spray comes in an easy-to-hold spray bottle with whimsical illustrations of friendly monsters on the label.

Made with a blend of Lavender, Rosemary & Mint to promote a peaceful, restful sleep.


8 oz in a spray bottle.

About Newport Sea Foam Trading Co:

It all started with the quest for pure, natural skin care. Every product is handcrafted in a Newport workshop in small batches, using highest quality natural ingredients and old world recipes. Most products have therapeutic benefits while others are simply fun! That is it, plain and simple. no synthetics, no harmful chemicals, no bad stuff, no junk! Enjoy the foam!