"Just Jackie" Hand-Crafted Artisan Airy Shawl

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A light-weight, airy version of the cozy Artisan Shawl—perfect for sunny days and warm evenings.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis was a friend of Doris Duke and one of the original board members of the Newport Restoration Foundation. She arrived in Newport for the first time in 1942 just before her 13th birthday, and she married John F. Kennedy a decade later at St. Mary's Church. This stylish and cozy hand-crafted shawl draws inspiration from Jackie's elegant wedding bouquet of white and pink gardenias with trailing Stephanotis.

Each shawl is uniquely made by hand in Newport and is individually hand dyed.


Knitted with 90% merino wool/10% nylon/10% lurex with a blend of silk/merino and rayon in the fringe.

Approximately 22" x 66'' (not including fringe)

Care: Please hand wash in cool water, roll in a towel to absorb excess water and lay flat to dry.

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