Hydrangea-Garden 4 Perfect Pencils

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Set of 4 beautifully crafted pencils. *Perfect* for writing notes to friends, for recording dreams, for very late thank-you notes, for sketching paintings, for jotting down recipes, for tucking behind your ear, and more!

Each sets comes with four pencils, No.2 with eraser. Hand-drawn and made in the USA.


About Mr. Boddington’s Studio:

Mr. Boddington lives in an old world residence of great charm in the town of Antibes. From there he entertains his friends on a vintage Capri fishing yacht with Bombay tonics, orange marmalade crostinis, and newspapers from the world's major cities.

And although never confirmed, it has been said that Mr. Boddington exhibits no tolerance for haggard looking correspondence.

Now since Mr. Boddington is often traveling the world in pursuit of leisure and inspiration, he maintains a studio in New York City to keep his craft humming. Above the bakeries on 36th Street in Brooklyn, you will find a team of talented artists, designers, illustrators, production specialists and biscuit nibblers.

The team is led by Rebecca S. Ruebensaal who illustrates and designs much of the collection. She has her own story but is far too busy chasing the demands of Mr. Boddington, her two sons and her terribly naughty pup, Lucky, to share at this time.