Floral Wallpaper Scarf

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Blossoms and vines meander gracefully across this floral scarf, featuring a floral wallpaper at 416 Thames Street/The Samuel Whitehorne House­­—and was likely selected by Doris Duke. 

Tie it to your bag, use it as a shawl, knot it around your hair, or wear it around your neck; this scarf is versatile, useful, and stylish.  

Printed with permanent sublimation dyes and finished with a machine rolled baby hem, these scarves are made to last through washes and wear.

Check out the whole collection—also available in Chinese Wallpaper, Trellis & Vines and Lattice Wallpaper patterns, and don’t forget about your pet!

16" x 72 "

Polychiffon material. 100% polyester. Not a silk fabric, but has a silky feeling finish. Drapes beautifully and will never fade.

Care: Can be machine washed with no change in feel.