Doris Duke's Fashion-Set of 8 Postcards

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Send a fashiongram via snail mail or pin up to get inspired with this set of Doris Duke's fashion postcards.

Doris Duke’s fashion reveals her singular personality and her evolving sense of style over the decades.


Taj of India shoes, ca. 1965. These were a favorite of Doris’s, and she owned several pairs.


Evening gown, ca. 1966

Madame Grés, France

Silk crepe, ostrich feathers



(Flower-power) pantsuit detail, ca. 1972

Givenchy, France

Synthetic fibers



Tiger lily swimming suit detail, ca. 1938

Jantzen, American, founded 1910

Sold by Liberty House

Cotton, lastex, rubber



Bodice and skirt set, ca. 1972

Mary McFadden, American, born 1938

Synthetic pleated fabric



 Day coat, ca. 1967

Tina Leser, American, 1910 - 1986

Linen, gold thread, metal, silk



Jacket detail, ca. 1965

Star of Siam, Thai, founded 1955

Fabric, brass



 Circus skirt detail, ca. 1972

Youssef Rizkallah for Malcolm Starr International (American, 1940–1976)

Cotton, felt



Set of 8   4" x 6" postcards with envelope